Semantic Death in Plant’s Simulation Using Lindenmayer Systems

Plant’s simulation through Lindenmayer Systems is a well know field, but most of the work in the area focus on the growth part of the developmental process. From an artificial life perspective, it is desired to have a simulation that includes all the stages of the cycle of life of a plant. That is the reason why this paper target the last stage and propose a strategy to include the concept of death through Lindenmayer systems. By using parametric and context-sensitive Lindenmayer systems in the modeling and simulation, the semantics of the mentioned concept can be captured and, thereby, with the proper interpretation, a graphic result, at a morphological level, can be displayed. A proof of concept that includes most of the concepts covered is also given. Erick Castellanos, Félix Ramos and Marco Ramos. “Semantic death in plant's simulation using Lindenmayer systems”. IEEE 2014 10th International Conference on Natural Computation. pages 360-365,}.
Publication date: 
August, 2014
Publication type: 
International Paper