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Passionate about artificial life.

Ph.D. Erick Castellanos
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Morphology of Plants from an Artificial Life Perspective

Research Abstract: 

When you look at everything around us, we see a lot of different entities, from inanimate objects to living creatures, ranging from the smallest to large entities. However, the scene we could be watching has a broad spectrum of the type of systems that comprise it, with many intermediate points, if seen from a scientific point of view. There are the simple systems (e.g. liquids, gases, inorganic compounds, tools, etc.). The complex systems (e.g. computers, earthquakes, economics, soft matter, etc.). And living systems (e.g. bacteria, fungi, plants, humans). Furthermore, our understanding of those systems, particularly in the mathematical aspect, decrease in the same sense that were mentioned. The last type of systems listed is the one that is of particular interest in this thesis. Living systems, specifically the plants, and even more in detail, the form of plants, that is, their morphology in the developmental process. This topic will be addressed from a relatively new scientific discipline (just over 30 years of existence as such): Artificial Life. This thesis will describe mechanisms for the creation of models of plant's morphology development through the use of formal languages, as well as technical aspects for its simulation.