About Nature Inspired Computing Laboratory

The Nature-Inspired Computing Laboratory, formerly known as Distributed & Multi-Agents Systems Group, was created by Prof. Félix RAMOS at Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav) Unidad Guadalajara. This group aims to do research and development of computer science projects in the distributed systems and distributed artificial intelligence fields.

Our work began in 1999 with some master students. Today, our current group includes 4 MSc and 14 Ph.D., students. As a group, we all share knowledge and work about well-related research.

The group is leading by Prof. Félix Ramos, but we have established interesting collaboration with some colleges around the world. This collaboration is mainly by the co-direction of Master and Ph.D. thesis and writing of scientific articles. The current collaborators include Prof. Jean-Luc Koning, Prof. Jean-Paul Jamont, Prof. Jean-Paul Barthes, Prof. Michel Ocello, from France, Herwig-Unger from Germany, Edson Scalabrin from Brazil, Prof. Y. Wang from Canada, Dra. Ana Karina Jaimes, Dr. Francisco Robles, Dr. Jonathan Hernando Rosales, Dr. Luis Felipe Rodríguez, Dr. Luis Fernando Preciado, Dr. José Antonio Cervantes, Dr. José Francisco Cervantes, Dr. José Octavio Gutierréz, Dr. Marco Antonio Ramos, Dr. Pablo Covarrubias, Dra. Sonia López, Dra. Vianey Muñoz all from Mexico. Finally included in this group are current Ph.D. and Master students.

We are very enthusiastic about establishing new win-to-win cooperations with other researchers and their laboratories. Receiving students, proposing new projects, exchanging information, and software are some proposed activities.

Our work is mainly concerned with next research topics:

  • Distributed artificial intelligence
  • Biological inspired cognitive architectures
  • Composition of pervasive services