Oscar Hernández Calderón

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I,m Ph.D. student at Cinvestav IPN, Unidad Guadalajara
Main interests:

  • Planning and decision-making
  • Task-set and task-rule
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cognitive architectures

I'm personally a lover of fighting games


Develop of a task-set in planning

Research Abstract: 

I am developing a bio-inspired model task-set, more specifically answering the next questions; how this task-set is represented in a human brain?, the advantages of a task-set, why a task-set?, and how can implement a model task-set?

  • Universidad politectnica de Cuencame DGO, Mex, Information tecnology 2018
  • Master in Computer Science at CINVESTAV (2019)
  • Currently a PhD student at CINVESTAV. I'm working on Cognitive Architectures (Planning and Decision-making)


  • Hernández, O., Sandoval, C., Palacios, G., Vargas, N., Robles, F., & Ramos, F. (2022). Bio-inspired task-rule retrieval model with auditory sorting test. Cognitive Systems Research, 72, 1-13

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