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Grad. year: 2016

Ana Karina Jaime Oliver, received hers M.Sc degree from the CINVESTAV campus Guadalajara, Guadalajara, México, in 2011, and hers Ph.D. degree from CINVESTAV campus Guadalajara, Guadalajara, México in 2016. Hers research interest includes cognitive architectures, memory systems and distributed systems.


Declarative Memory Model for Virtual Creature based on Neuroscience.

Research Abstract: 

Memory is an important process of human behavior because it enables the brain to encode, store and retrieve acquired knowledge about the environment. Memory (together whit other cognitive functions) creates predictive scenarios and generates thoughts, decisions, and responses. Neuropsychologist have split memory into two systems: declarative or explicit data and non-declarative or implicit data. Declarative memory does the effort of recalling events and facts. Non-declarative memory retains information regarding well-structured and effortless processes: habits, reflexes, motor and emotional responses.

A virtual creature with a declarative memory system uses its previous experiences to improve its performance. Our purpose in this paper is to develop a cognitive architecture model for declarative memory based on current knowledge of processes involved in the brain's memory system. The model has three principal sub-models: the semantic memory sub-model, the episodic memory sub-model, and the working memory sub-model.