A MAS supporting intercultural knowledge management

As an increasing tendency, people with different cultures must work together, which leads to understanding and communication problems. Such conflicts have special impacts in processes involving human-human interaction, like knowledge management. Several theories have been developed for modeling culture and for explaining common conflicts in terms of differences on such models. However, there is a lack of technological developments for alleviating the impacts of cultural conflicts. We present a study on cultural conflicts and their effects on knowledge management. We propose cognitive agents as the underlying methodology for developing a framework for managing cultural conflicts in processes influenced by people interaction. Omar Gonzalez-Padilla, Jean-Paul A. Barthès, Félix F. Ramos: A MAS supporting intercultural knowledge management. IEEE Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design CSCWD 2011: 850-853
Publication date: 
August, 2011
Publication type: 
International Paper