Jonathan Hernando Rosales Hernández

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Grad. year: 2017

Research Abstract: 

We working in the development of an emotional model for virtual
creatures based on biological evidence of the functioning of the human
brain. This evidence shows the activation of different regions in the
brain and its functionality in emotions. The model defined shows the data
flow and the transformation of these in each of its components. This model
is inspired by the latest theories of emotion.
This paper deals with the problem of the generation of emotions from
stimuli in the virtual environment that are perceived and the internal
stimuli from the virtual creature. He sent emotional information to other
processes such as decision-making, memory, planning, attention, etc. We
also consider the regulation of emotion from cognitive processes. As the
ability to generate new emotions from basic emotions and emotional
This model is inspired by the brain structures and fragmentation of the
emotions that exists within the brain. This work is part of a cognitive
architecture that will enable the virtual creature generate credible and
complex behaviors.
It is intended to through a case study where we use virtual creatures show
the changes in behavior when there is a mechanism of emotions and when
this is not taken into account.


Jonathan Hernando Rosales Hernández, received his M.Sc degree from the
CINVESTAV campus Guadalajara, Guadalajara, México, in 2013, and his PhD degree in CINVESTAV campus Guadalajara, Guadalajara, México in 2017.

His research interest includes brain inspired cognitive architectures, emotion
systems and distributed systems.